Finally Put an End to Procrastination

Procrastination can be the biggest reason for failure in any area of our lives. We all have within us the tools and techniques to combat negative thinking, to override old thought patterns and to rewrite who we are for a more successful and abundant life. Yet the only thing that can stop us is delay in using these tools. The same can also be said for what may seem like more mundane projects associated with work or your home life. So now is the time to start or to finish those projects and break free from the chain of procrastination.

Being a procrastinator is something that you develop in life. You were not born a procrastinator and at any time you so choose you can switch this habit around and become a productive dynamo! The first step could be an intense examination of why you procrastinate and why you have become the procrastinator that you think your are. The beginnings may perhaps be a strict childhood and your procrastination is a rebellion to those days of rules and conformity. You may have been discouraged from manifesting your ideas or perhaps you were told “that will never work, so there is no point in trying “. A lack of confidence is thus rewarded by a procrastinating nature therefore proving that “they” were right.

Of course you may have had the perfect upbringing and have been exposed to a plethora of opportunities. This then leads you to self sabotage your goals for what could be an unlimited number of reasons from lack of self worth to guilt of success. Yet instead of focusing on the problem let us take a look at a simple solution to procrastinating that I recently developed to get my article writing back on track.

Firstly create a list of jobs or activities that you have put off through procrastinating. Start off with the simplest or least time consuming and then work down from there. Your list may look like this:

1) empty my waste paper basket

2) tidy up my office drawer

3) shred my papers

4) write that letter

5) reply to my emails

6) write 2 articles

7) start my novel

You can see then that you have gone from emptying your waste paper basket to starting your novel. This is a simplified list however, it is important that you write on your list even the simplest of actions. You will then become encouraged as you draw a line through that first item and then the second. This will fuel your optimism and your sense of achievement and will start to override your tendency for procrastination. We will see physical results for your actions and subconsciously you will start to learn that you are productive and you will start to identify yourself as an achiever.

This incredibly simple method will start to rewire how you think and feel and as it becomes habit your procrastination will slip into the background until it hold no more power over you. You can do it!

John Hewitt is a full time freelance writer. I have worked in many fields including music, the restaurant industry, film work and as an RSPCA animal welfare officer. If you would like to see more of my articles and poetry then please visit and feel free to sign up to the RSS feed.

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