Finding Phone Numbers Using Technology

We’ve advanced so far with technology since machines and computers were first invented that it’s getting to the point that we wonder if there’s anything that it can’t accomplish. There are things being used regularly these days that were once only imagined as tools for the characters on Star Trek in the 24th century! Automatic doors, wireless communication, computers with tremendous calculating and memory power, and video consoles that can sense body movements are only a few of the discoveries that the majority of us use on a daily basis without thinking twice. This doesn’t even start to mention the powers of the internet and medical advancements.

Therefore, when it comes to small issues such as finding out about a telephone number, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that your home computer and the simplest internet connection (yes, even dial-up) can provide you with all of the knowledge you need on the topic. Of course, you do need to apply a bit of your own knowledge as well, because there are some societal and privacy rules that are applied in these circumstances. Yes, the websites apply these rules, but if you don’t know about them, you may not know their limitations or be able to use them to their fullest. So here they are. They’re quite simple. Landlines numbers can be investigated using a forward search (that is, just in the same way as the old school printed phone books where you search using the last and first name of the individual, or the business name, and then you’ll find the address and contact digits), as well as in reverse, so that you plug in the number you already have, and find out the name and address related to it, depending on what you need to learn about the number’s owner.

Cell phones, though, can only be investigated in one direction. You can search for a phone number using the digits themselves, but you’ll never find a legal, legitimate site that will have a searchable directory that lets you use the name of the person to find the information you need.