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Article marketing is said to be a great way to generate money online in this day and age. It is actually being used by authors to promote their books or ebooks as well as it is also being used by businessmen in marketing their products and services. But don’t you know that you can also use article marketing even if you are not a certified author or businessman? You simply have to come up with good quality article contents which you need to post on your own website or weblog. As a matter of fact, one of the best ways to be a successful article marketer is by being aware on how to do the article marketing blog.

A blog is actually a web page or site which can serve as your personal journal wherein you can write anything and everything that you want. You can write your personal views and opinions about some things which can be of great help to other people. In point of fact, you can create your own blog and use it for article marketing purposes and gain extra cash eventually. You only need to make sure to arm yourself with some of the basic article marketing blog tips. The following are some blog help tips which you can consider to be successful in the realm of article marketing:

• Place your blog on a main website. This is essential in order to easily acquire more web visitors. You can actually choose a keyword or keyword phrases that would best describe your page and make your chosen keywords to be your blog’s title. You also have to see to it to create a URL for your own blog site.

• Link your blog to all of your articles. This is important in order to acquire greater traffic. All you need to do is to include your blog’s URL to all of your written articles. Furthermore, you should make sure not to publish your articles instantly on your blog. You only have to write on your blog some little explanations or remarks regarding your articles, its purpose, as well as its basis and link it directly to your original website.

• Do the link exchanging. Exchanging links works in a way wherein you are going to include on your blog the lists of online article directories, sites, newsletters, or even other blog sites which publish your articles. This is in fact another way on how to generate web visitors and traffics through other useful sites.

• Put a comment box on your weblog page. This is somewhat helpful in order for you to be aware on how people respond to all your written articles either on your blog site itself or to your original website. You need to accept all kinds of comments whether good or bad and consider all those comments when it comes to improving your blog, website, and articles to attain success in the realm of article marketing.

Indeed, you can use a blog in order to do article marketing and gain instant cash. You only have to keep the aforementioned article marketing blog tips in mind in order to ensure success in the long run. After all, the tips mentioned above are believed to be truly helpful and can be done without much effort at all.

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Finally Put an End to Procrastination

Procrastination can be the biggest reason for failure in any area of our lives. We all have within us the tools and techniques to combat negative thinking, to override old thought patterns and to rewrite who we are for a more successful and abundant life. Yet the only thing that can stop us is delay in using these tools. The same can also be said for what may seem like more mundane projects associated with work or your home life. So now is the time to start or to finish those projects and break free from the chain of procrastination.

Being a procrastinator is something that you develop in life. You were not born a procrastinator and at any time you so choose you can switch this habit around and become a productive dynamo! The first step could be an intense examination of why you procrastinate and why you have become the procrastinator that you think your are. The beginnings may perhaps be a strict childhood and your procrastination is a rebellion to those days of rules and conformity. You may have been discouraged from manifesting your ideas or perhaps you were told “that will never work, so there is no point in trying “. A lack of confidence is thus rewarded by a procrastinating nature therefore proving that “they” were right.

Of course you may have had the perfect upbringing and have been exposed to a plethora of opportunities. This then leads you to self sabotage your goals for what could be an unlimited number of reasons from lack of self worth to guilt of success. Yet instead of focusing on the problem let us take a look at a simple solution to procrastinating that I recently developed to get my article writing back on track.

Firstly create a list of jobs or activities that you have put off through procrastinating. Start off with the simplest or least time consuming and then work down from there. Your list may look like this:

1) empty my waste paper basket

2) tidy up my office drawer

3) shred my papers

4) write that letter

5) reply to my emails

6) write 2 articles

7) start my novel

You can see then that you have gone from emptying your waste paper basket to starting your novel. This is a simplified list however, it is important that you write on your list even the simplest of actions. You will then become encouraged as you draw a line through that first item and then the second. This will fuel your optimism and your sense of achievement and will start to override your tendency for procrastination. We will see physical results for your actions and subconsciously you will start to learn that you are productive and you will start to identify yourself as an achiever.

This incredibly simple method will start to rewire how you think and feel and as it becomes habit your procrastination will slip into the background until it hold no more power over you. You can do it!

John Hewitt is a full time freelance writer. I have worked in many fields including music, the restaurant industry, film work and as an RSPCA animal welfare officer. If you would like to see more of my articles and poetry then please visit and feel free to sign up to the RSS feed.

Get Started With Your Business Blogging – What Do I Write About?

You’re sold on the concept of blogging for your business. You’ve set up your blog template and now you’re staring at a blank screen. And it’s staring back.

I think this is probably the hardest part about blogging. Most people imagine sitting down to a computer with an empty screen and feel the heady challenge of filling a page with prolific prose – and the added weight of having to do this every other day! It can be daunting, even crippling. But if you start with a plan, that screen will become a canvas on which you can paint freely every time you sit down. To develop a plan for your blog, take a methodical approach to what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it to have the greatest impact.

Decide what you want to write about and when. Are you going to give tips to your customers that are problem-solving solutions? Do you want to discuss one of the latest trends? Is there something new on the horizon that will position you as a leading resource? Make a list of all the topics you could blog about and then start writing! It can be as simple as commenting on an article or book you’ve read, or sharing a video or quote you’ve come across. Share an anecdote or tell a story about a recent experience. Not every post needs to be an epiphany! Keep the tone light and personal, and limit your word count to 150 to 250 words per post. Here’s another tip: Having some blogs “in the can” will help balance your posts that are based on what might be happening on the immediate horizon.

Focus on your core interests and then become an expert in them. You want to be the authority and position yourself as such so that your followers continue to come back to you for the answers. Reinforce your value as a reliable, knowledgeable resource.

Be human. Give yourself a voice and be human. Blogs are not meant to be formal articles or pools of research. They are designed to give helpful information and to get the reader thinking inward about what they’re reading. Pose questions. Engage your customers to think about how they do business. Give them the opportunity to use your ideas in their business.

Give them something. A blog entry should offer your customers something of value. They are expecting to read your blog and walk away with a new tip, insight, or with something that will give them a leg up on their competition or simply inspire them to be a better person and/or business person.

Inject authority. It’s OK to give examples and information from others, just make sure you attribute it as such. In fact, share the link to those people’s sites and you could reap the rewards of connecting with their networks as well. Being “connected” with trust leaders, advocates and leaders in the field is just as important as being one yourself.

Incorporate keywords in your entries. As I mentioned before, a blog rich in relevant keywords and tags is going to give you a higher search engine ranking.

Invite others to share your ideas. Use your blog as a way to communicate with your customers and potential leads. Allow them to pose questions and comments that you can respond to and create dialog and a community. This will again build a following of like minds, with you as the leader. You can also invite “guest bloggers” to participate in your blog. Ask your vendors, colleagues, and clients to provide posts on their own expertise and you gain the benefit of the association.

Once you start, don’t stop. Your goal is to build a following of loyal customers and readers. They are going to expect something “wise” from you frequently. If you fall off the wagon, hop back on. There’s nothing worse than a neglected blog. And you will quickly lose your followers to a competitor’s blog that always has new insight.

Words to and for the Wise

Along with the content of your blog, you have the opportunity to make your website more search engine friendly just by keeping a few tips in mind:

– Create a powerful title for your blog that influences readers. Make it interesting, compelling, even a bit controversial so you can grab their interest immediately. Include keywords here as well. It will help with search engine searches.

– When you have a series of thoughts or points, present them as a bulleted list instead of a paragraph or two. This approach increases the readability.

– Add an image, if it’s appropriate and relevant. Don’t always add one but many times an interesting or entertaining image may communicate your message better than words can.

You are the expert.

Blogging allows you to showcase your expertise in your field. It affords you the opportunity to share ideas and resources openly and in an easy-going manner that is simple to read, yet rich with knowledge and insight. Some might say it’s the perfect soft sell because you’re not necessarily pushing a product or service directly. Rather, by building your platform as a credible VAR, you are gently promoting your ideas and your company. And you really will be amazed at how many topics you do have to write about.

A dedicated marketing professional, Michelle Kabele has been helping technology companies develop award-winning channel partner programs and marketing strategies for over 10 years. Michelle has worked extensively with small businesses throughout North America.

Michelle has an MBA from the J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management (Evanston, Ill.)